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March 27, 2014


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Hi Sandy,
Thanks for the info on the Halcyon label. If you love that bobbin you must check out John Moss brass tip bobbins. My favorites are his small Mini bobbins. I adore them and he made a slim bobbin for me that he is selling now that is wonderful too. Just goggle John Moss bobbins and you will find him. :)
I went to your blog, your rugs are wonderful.
Happy Weaving

Sandy O'Brien

I checked the cone on the Halcyon wool warp and the label says "Jagger Brothers Inc. ,44/46 NZ wool, Grey Heather". I'm going to look for the Brown Sheep Tapestry Wool Warp. I've used the Brown Sheep "Top of the Lamb" and "Lamb's Pride" for both knitting and weaving and like working with it. Thanks for your information. And I love the bobbin!


Hi Sandy,
Thanks for the info on the warps at Halcyon. I've been looking at those too. It's good to get some info on those. I also have been looking at Southwest Weaving and Sarah says she also really likes Brown Sheep Tapestry Wool Warp. It's a singles but with extra twist for strength and you can double it up also. She says she uses it single at 9 end per inch. Do you know what type of wool the Halcyon warp is from by chance?

Sandy O'Brien

I love using wool warp. I found worsted wool grey and white, 2-ply, 3-ply and 4-ply cones at Halcyon Yarns. I'm on my fourth Navajo rug with this warp yarn and it holds the tension wonderfully. Also, I want to thank you for your suggestion on adding the Mirrix springs to the Ashford tapestry loom. I will be using them on my next project.

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