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January 13, 2014


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The spring is working out great so far. I'm going to add another to the bottom of the loom but on the inside so it's not in the way when beginning the weaving. As I rotate the loom in a circle for warping I'll catch the one at the top and then the one on the backside on the bottom. I think that will work great. I just have to order another spring set from Mirrix. I'm very pleased with my modification and I really enjoy this this loom. Still can't believe the deal I got on Craig's List. Happy weaving to you.

Sandy O'Brien

I am a beginner tapestry weaver and I have the large Ashford tapestry loom. I noticed in your previous post ( Oct 2012) that you added the spring coil to the top of the loom. How has that worked? I'm thinking of doing the same to mine. And did you add the spring to the bottom.

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